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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

November 16, 2006

Krispy Kreme vs. Go Nuts Donuts

November 16, 2006

Krispy Kreme vs. Go Nuts Donuts

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 2
The verdict is out! Krispy Kreme is the King of Doughnuts!

I was surprised yesterday that Krispy Kreme sent not only one box but enough doughnuts to feed our entire company during merienda. Thanks Krispy Kreme!! I actually missed it since I was working from home yesterday and I had to ask one of our guys to deliver one box at home. I heard they are giving away 100,000 doughnuts to test run their equipment and at the same time, to serve as their non-traditional marketing campaign since they don't plan to have a TV commercial. Well, I don't think they need any more advertisement because this was already done for them through word of mouth, won't you agree? Most of the big Makati Companies were fortunate enough to receive this most coveted doughnut :)

We had to conduct the taste test immediately while the doughnuts are still fresh. We had five people to serve as our panel for the event. I won't reveal their names but one is a culinologist by profession who runs kusina bilidad; a lady from the HR team of McCann Erikson; an IT project manager from one of America's biggest retailer Safeway; a dedicated and beautiful housewife; and a photo blogger. Unanimously, all of us agreed that Krispy Kreme is the best doughnut and I hate to admit it but it is true.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 29
We were able to buy Go Nuts and the much raved about Cello donuts who fortunately have a store in front of DLSU. We did not include Hoops donuts anymore, as requested too, because it was not somewhere near where we can immediately run and buy one from it.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 33
Can you guess which one is the Go Nuts and which one is the Krispy Kreme?

The Final Ranking:

1. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts (P30) -- (http://www.krispykreme.com.ph/)
The dough is super airy soft with the right firmness to still have the right form and "bite" that is unbeatable by any other doughnuts. The doughnut is thinly glazed over that literally melts in your hand when you touch it and with double joy, melts in your mouth when you bite into it. Everybody agrees that the honey glaze is too sweet which is both good/ bad in a way. So, it will be nice to have it with hot milk or hot coffee to serve as the break from eating those doughnuts. After eating the doughnut, the sweetness lingers in your mouth when the glaze melts but it does not make you feel thirsty. It has an addicting factor that I suggest you stay away from this temptation. Also, if you are trying to lose weight and trying to stay healthy, do not attempt to even get a taste of this because you might ruin your diet plan and health. Lastly, I think the price will be a factor when buying this one.

2. Go Nuts Donuts Amazing Glaze Donuts (P18) -- (http://www.gonutsdonuts.net/)
The dough feels a lot firmer and certain hardness than the Krispy Kremes. In fact, without the Krispy Kreme comparison, I'm sure you won't notice this. The glaze is a little thicker and has the right amount of sweetness. I think Go Nuts was able to perfect the right amount of sweetness for the Filipino taste bud. The taste feels like a duplicate of the Krispy Kreme when KK doughnuts are already in its 2-3 day existence. Unanimously, everybody agree that Krispy Kreme is way a lot better. But I'm sure that Krispy Kreme won't have Go Nuts pastilas version.

3. Cello's Original Doughnuts (P20) -- a far third and a little more expensive than Go Nuts, these doughnuts taste like margarine and the dough is more of a bread. So these should be called breadnuts with margarine :) Seriously, these kinds of doughnuts goes well with their different toppings. So if we just compare the original honey glazed doughnuts, this won't even compare. Also, once you eat them, you will feel thirsty since it makes your mouth dry as observed by our culinologist friend. But then again, when you just eat them without anything to compare it with, this may pass your taste bud too!


Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 28
In terms of packaging, I would also go with Krispy Kreme anytime because of its simplicity. What I like about Go Nuts is that they really do understand the Filipino consumer and that is why they have a box of 3 with special Christmas decorations for a more affordable take home to our loved ones.

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 31
Go Nuts Amazing Glaze-- Everybody's Favorite! Melt in your mouth vanilla comfort!
Single (P18)
Box of 3 (P45)
Box of 6 (P85)
Box of 12 (P160)

And oh, check out Gonuts Donuts' website (http://www.gonutsdonuts.net) for promos that will surely make you come back for more!

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 30
Cello's Original honey glazed.
Single (P20)
Box of 6 (P110)

Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 1
Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts
Single (P30)
Box of 12 (P265)

One Point Lesson: How to eat a doughnut

Step 1: Smell the doughnuts like you do for red wine.
Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 3

Step 2: Grab one of the doughnuts with convinction.
Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 4

Step 3: Eat the doughnuts and pretend that nobody is looking at you :)
Shawarma Center & Doughnuts - 5

Enjoy your Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!!


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