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[Fort Ilocandia #2] The Youngest Quester @ Microsoft CIO 5th Quest

Microsoft 5th Quest

To my dearest son Aidan,

I'm sure you won't remember this already but I'll share with you our 3 day adventure during the 5th Microsoft CIO Summit last Oct. 19-21, 2006. We had fun and we always love traveling with you. Your mom and I loves to travel, eat and discover new places. You are exactly 21 months old at this time. This is our second time in Fort Ilocandia thanks to the Microsoft team. Yes, you are the youngest delegate to this Microsoft summit. If you chose to be in the IT field, someday, you'll be joining these summits too.

I'll share with you the highlights of our trip...

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Microsoft 5th Quest

We usually love road trips because Fort Ilocandia is usually our take off point for Pagudpud. However, during this time, we had to fly via cebu pacific. Since you are still less than 2 years, you can still fly for free :) So we are maximizing this benefit.

Microsoft 5th Quest
This was your quester outfit complete with a camouflage hat. Actually not a lot of people notices you that you are the youngest quester because you are still too small.

Microsoft 5th Quest
There was an amazing race type of quest around the Laoag area. We rode a provincial bus that is not airconditioned.

Microsoft 5th Quest
You joined us and usually your mom would stay in the bus but it was too hot. I have a video of this trip and I'll process it and upload it when I'm done with the editing. The bus was over speeding and you enjoyed the crazy winds blowing through the bus. You were dancing wildly. It was good that we were seated all the way back because there are times that momma have to breast feed you.

Microsoft 5th Quest
There was a pit stop where we were suppose to make the famous ilocos empanada. We thought it was simple but now I appreciate those people making these empanadas.

Microsoft 5th Quest
Our team won the 2nd place in the race. I'm sure you are not interested to know about the details. Most of the time we were in the bus. The picture above is the hallway in Fort Ilocandia decorated with paintings and carpeted all the way through.

Microsoft 5th Quest
At night, we had a Microsoft dinner where poppa danced in a hula hula costume. Our team won during that presentation. Also, this is the first time I've seen the water fountain functional located in the middle of Fort Ilocandia. It was an awesome fountain, indeed!

Microsoft 5th Quest
During breakfast, you like to eat on your own already. A lot of people are amazed that you can already eat soup on your own. It was messy though.

Microsoft 5th Quest
These are my teammates during the conference. Danny, our great team leader from Robinsons; Chris Fong, the IT Whiz from SVI who created our fabulous travelogue presentation, and our friend from Unilever, Maita. During the conference, Microsoft presented Windows Vista and Microsoft 2007.

I find these photos ironic. But I'll tell you more about these photos when you grow up.
Microsoft 5th Quest
"Let the truth prevail." - Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos

Microsoft 5th Quest
"With God who can be against you. "- Imelda Romualdez Marcos

Microsoft 5th Quest
During the second night, your mom and I took turns in having a massage again courtesy of Microsoft. You were looking for momma in the dark.

Microsoft 5th Quest
Finally you found her in the massage place. This was a cute photo of you so I had to include this here.

Microsoft 5th Quest
The last night was an awarding night and ballroom dancing time. Sorry, son this is for adults only. Someday, you'll be dancing the night away on that dance floor. I wonder what would be the "in" dancing moves during your time.

Microsoft 5th Quest
Your mom brought you a rashguard or wet suit. This is the first time you use it. You had fun playing in the swimming pool and the water sprinklers on our last day in Fort Ilocandia.

Microsoft 5th Quest
Maybe, you would have an ambition to be a lifeguard?

Microsoft 5th Quest
Goodbye Ilocos Norte!! Its too bad we don't have enough time to go to Pagudpud. There will always be a next time.



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Hi Anton! Aidan is sooo cute! Your Fort Ilocandia trip sounds like fun. I enjoy going to FI when my family goes on vacation in Ilocos but I haven't been there for quite some time. I didn't know they already have a mini-zoo. I'll surely bring Zoe there on the holidays.
Rache and I have somthing in common pala, aside from our love to eat out and discover new places...we're both breastfeeding moms : ) Can't wait for Aidan and Zoe to meet!

hahahaha! love the pictures of marcos and imelda with those quotes! they should have told the story of what the japanese told ninoy: You filipinos are so rucky ("lucky" )you have a first lady who robs you and a president who robs you even more!

hello anton,
is there a date place you can recommend ( in Manila and even outside, but not very far ) ?
I want to surprise my husband on his birthday ( Nov.14 ) by taking him somewhere romantic ...
thanks! love your site by the way. Ang laki na ni Aidan - and he's sooo cute!


It looks like your son really enjoyed the 5th Microsoft Quest! ;-)

The Youngest Quester @ Microsoft CIO 5th Quest - I thought this title belonged to me.

Anyway, I guess I did see you in the 5th Quest, too bad we weren't able to greet each other. Anyway, I love the shots that you took.

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