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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

September 01, 2006

Power Blogger's Meet and Unfulfilled Expectation

September 01, 2006

Power Blogger's Meet and Unfulfilled Expectation

Innove Blogger Meet 12

There are only two reasons why I wanted to go to the Innove Bloggers Meet . First, to finally meet all the power bloggers in our country today and second, to get a free one year HSDA wireless broadband access from Globe/ Innove. It was great to finally meet the power bloggers all in one round table discussion including:

Abe Olandres of Pinoy Top Blogs (http://yugatech.com), -- blog overlord problogger
Connie Veneracion (http://houseonahill.net), --- Finally! The controversial Sassy Lawyer
Jangelo Racoma (http://racoma.com.ph), --- The first Full time Blogger
Gail of Kutitots (http://kutitots.com), --- The first pinoy blogger
Marc Macalua (http://www.macalua.com/) --- Mr. SEO Philippines
Markku (http://rebelpixel.com) -- Pinoy Lyrics Guru

We were a cheap group. It only took a few round of drinks for us to share all our knowledge and insider information about blogging with Innove. The Innove marketing guys has NO clue what blogging is all about so they invited us to know what really ticks in the mind of bloggers for them to create services to meet blogger's demands.

It was a great meet and here are some more photos on the actual focus group discussions in Temple Bar at Greenbelt last night. In the end, we just ended up with one month free wifi subscription and some goodies. Hmmn, I'll talk to my Smart Contact (attention Jovy... ) and maybe they can fulfill our dreams of free pilot use of HSDPA wireless broadband for one year :) Just kidding.


Innove Blogger Meet 11
The 12 Apostles of Globe Innove
Innove Meet
When: August 31 2006
Where: Temple Bar, Greenbelt 2 | 8:00PM
What to expect: It’s a surprise party (shhh!)

Innove Blogger Meet 03
The night started with a serious FGD of Q&A discussions on blogger habits and aspirations.

Innove Blogger Meet 06
Yuga passionately explaining his aspirations and pro blogging passions.

Innove Blogger Meet 07
Jayvee sharing with us his geeky desires as James of Innove Broadband marketing looks on.

Innove Blogger Meet 02
Mr. Full Time Blogger J. Angelo enjoying the food and he came in with his lovely wife.

Innove Blogger Meet 04
Lovely Gail of Kutitots.com poses with Yuga. Finally, I met Gail who I've always wanted to ask for a wordpress theme for a new blog that I am going to launch. Thanks in advance Gail!

Innove Blogger Meet 05
The Sassy Connie of houseonahill.net. One of the most successful blogging idols in the country today. Connie/ Jayvee will be joining us for the Sept. 9 culinary tour.

Innove Blogger Meet 08
Mr. SEO Philippines Marc Macalua shares his how-to-trick-Google secrets with the shirt bought from the Great Garment Sale :)

Innove Blogger Meet 09
Lovely Innove ladies...

Innove Blogger Meet 10
A few round of drinks for a wealth of knowledge on how blogger thinks is a cheap deal. But we are glad to spill all our brains out just for this.

Innove Blogger Meet 01
Jayvee -- you're the man. Thanks for inviting us to the innove meet.

Innove Blogger Meet 13
Markku and Kevin with the Innove goodies of One month free wifi, jacket, notebook and other marketing materials.

Innove Blogger Meet 14
Hopefully, next time Buddha grants our wish of one year free pilot test of HSDPA wireless broadband.


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