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Olay Beauty Imaging System - Finally in the Philippines!!

Olay BIS 13.jpg

At last, I can finally share with you an interesting piece of patented beauty imaging system that our company is introducing along with the launch of Olay. This week we launched Olay Total Effects to the trade and to the who's who of Philippines society. Baghag has the scoop on the Olay Launch in Shangrila last Thursday:

Socialclimbing hag Log: OLAY Total Effects + TRESOR (
" After a few times of usage of Total Effects, we met up with the other women who were part of this group, and had a nice lunch at Shangrila Hotel, to discuss the after effects of the product. Our skin underwent this "age test" through this cool machine which basically mapped out pores, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Let me say this first-- my skin, is actually pretty bad. I have a lot of age spots and fine lines. To top that, I have huge pores. So when I took that skin test, and the result was that my skin fell on the 21- year old age group, I laughed it all off. But hey, it felt great! :D So I religiously used this product to this day :) Olay is the same product that our mothers used back when we were just tiny tots, and now I guess it is really our turn to start using the product. Our moms have sworn by it, and now I am one of the moms who swear by it :) (Olay Total Effects is not yet available in the local market, but soon will be :D)"

This cool machine that baghag was talking about is what we call the Olay Total Effects Beauty Imaging System. You will love this! The system identifies your facial skin defects such as age spots, and wrinkles. It objectively quantifies the severity of those skin defects vs that of your peers (in terms of age and race). The system provides accurate analysis for the women because its database is mostly women. Furthermore, all the people who have been tested to date in the Philippines is included in the database. How cool is that? So for men, you can also try it but your skin will be compared to a higher standard of women's skin. The first versions were developed in Japan and made commercially available as early as June of 1999 in Kyoto, Japan. These imaging systems are used in our SK-II prestige counters.

Of course, I have to try it and I was alarmed that my wrinkles are similar to a 40 years old woman! My skin spots and textures are in line with my age group (at least). I need to live a stress-free life! I'm also starting to be convinced that I need to use a skin care product. I was going to use my free Olay total effects sample, but my wife gave me THE look. BTW, you can have your skin tested over time so that you can track skin improvements specially, if you use a skin care product. The consultation is for FREE but of course, you just have to listen to an Olay sales pitch (which is not bad at all).

Olay BIS 06.jpg
Olay Total Effects Beauty Imaging System. This system will be available in Olay Total Effects Flagship store and other Olay counters. We are bringing in six (6) beauty imaging system in the Philippines -- woohoo! I'll give you the scoop on where you can find these Olay Beauty Imaging Systems... very very soon.

Olay BIS 01.jpg
It was such a hit in all our Olay launches and among the test group of women as baghag could attest.

Olay BIS 03.jpg
It takes a digital image of your face under controlled lighting conditions. So this is just like going to a photo me booth for your face only :)

Olay BIS 05.jpg
The entire test is only for 5 minutes. After taking the picture, you need to specify your age and race. Race is important because an Asian skin is different from a caucasian, and so forth. You will instantly know how your texture, pores, wrinkles, and spots compare with your peers. My wife can't wait to have her skin tested...

Olay BIS 02.jpg
Olay -- Love the Skin You're In! Very soon in the Philippines!

Olay BIS 09.jpg
The men and women of Olay Philippines during the trade launch in Top of the Citi :)



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hi anton! we actually have one at home na... pasalubong yata. i wanna try that machine kaya lang baka maiyak ako sa results ha hehehehe.

Hi Anton, when exactly Olay be available in the Philippines? Will it just be Olay TE? Or will the other Olays be available as well?

Where can i buy this ? is this already out in the market?

Hello!!! I've seen the Total Effects commercials on TV. Just want to know if you're also bringing White Radiance line (endorsed in China by Korean actress Song Hye Kyo)to the Philippines. If you are, who is endorsing that line here. Just interested to know. Thanks.

Hello!!! I've seen the Total Effects commercials on TV. Just want to know if you're also bringing White Radiance line (endorsed in China by Korean actress Song Hye Kyo)to the Philippines. If you are, who is endorsing the product here. Just interested to know. Thanks.

hi...just wanna ask...i bought olay total effects+ is it okey for a 20 year old already to use it?...where can i find more info about it ?
;love your blog!

hi anne,
yes you could use it and you can start as early as 20 years old. Btw,
the BIS system is up in Watson's SM Makati, check that out.

On additional information, we are putting up the site
soon. We'll post in the site once it becomes available. In the
meantime, you can let me know if you have questions ...


hi . i bought mine at watsons here in our place. the ad is really true and more!

Hello Anton!

Just wanted to ask if SK-II is already available in Manila, since you've mentioned it in this entry. Many thanks in advance!

Been reading your blog with great interest and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

hi, i just bought olay total effects the other day, i just want to know if this product will also eliminate sort of pimples in my face. hope to hear from you soon. thanks

Im 18 yrs.old, can i use total effects

Im 18 yrs.old, can i use total effects

Hi! are there any fake olays now in the market? I saw one from singapore and indonesia they have SPF15 marked in the bottle while in the olay bottle in the olay website dont have.


Hi Anton,

I recently bought olay total effects and noticed that my skin became extra shiny than normal, is this something normal?

Where can I go to have my skin tested (BIS?

hi anton,

i bought one ( olay total effect gentle formula ) but after using once, i saw that there were little/small pimples in my forehead and few in my cheek...

what can u say about that...

hope u could help me about my query...

my skin becomes dry when i reached the age of 25, i've tried different products but none of them long does it takes to see the result of this product?

Ive seen some of these for sale on ebay philippines for a much cheaper price (about P450 per pack including the cleanser). the sellers claim their products are original but bought in thailand where they are sold for much less than in the phils. are these FAKES?

I have been using Olay since 2002.
and I was thrilled when PnG launched it here in the Philippines.
However, the quality is very far from the one I normally use, the formulation from the US.
The imported one is more cream-like and it is absorbed easily by the skin; while the one sold in the Philippines is more watery and provides less moisture so the skin couldn't absorb it easily.
I do hope PnG do something about it soon.

JoTan, they hve different formulation for different countries depende sa climate.
We can't have the same formulation as the US because its humid here. Pag humid and climate mas bagay gel or liquid type. Mashadong heavy pag cream type unless naka aircon ka the whole day everyday.

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