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[Mall of Asia 05] KKK -- OK!

The Mall of Asia -12 .jpg
Sinigang na Lechon (P180) Malutong na lechon, sinampalukang sabaw with chichacorn.

I've visited Mall of Asia in search of new restaurants but apparently most of them will still be open in June. Although there was one restaurant that caught my eye because of its unique filipino interiors and K.K.K. was interesting enough to check out. But as expected since most of them are just in their soft opening phase, they were not able to cope up with the volume of people so expect slow service, some of the items in the menu are not available, and in our case, all the food that we ordered were too salty. What I love about it is that it is a Kapampangan Restaurant with a twist of Thai (very good concept). They also attempted to provide an innovation by putting Sinigang and Lechon together similar to the famous Sinigang Corn Beef of Sentro in Greenbelt.
The verdict: the food is just O.K. and I think the serving is too small for its price.

The Mall of Asia -07 .jpg
This is located in the entertainment mall in the ground floor. It is in between music hall and IMAX theater but nearer to the music hall side. The interiors where eye catching and I actually forgot to ask why the name K.K.K.. Hmmn, let me guess Kay sarap na Kapampangang Kainan? Help please...

The Mall of Asia -13 .jpg
Bacalao Daing (P230). with kamatis, piemento, patatas. This taste like salted fish in tomato sauce, quite similar to the taste of canned sardines. Interesting, but too salty!

The Mall of Asia -10 .jpg
Let us check the menu. I was hoping to eat another innovation which is sisig vegetarian but it is not available. I decided not to eat the famous stable food in Pampanga like Inihaw na pinadapang Hito with Buro, or Sisig Pampanga. As you can see from the menu, it should have been exciting enough to eat here and I'll give them a benefit of the doubt that it was just opening day. I'll check them out again.



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hey there! my friend is a part owner of this resto... I believe it means, Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran... or something like that... because KKK (the first one) is located in East Ave.

ooops... I meant West Ave

Hi Anton,

Thanks so much for the tip,
we had dinner at KKK last friday and loved the Grilled Liempo and Kare Kare (their bagoong is excellent!)


oh my, we ate at KKK (Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran) too when we visited Mall of Asia. we also tried that Sinigang na lechon which is good no? You should have tried Lechong Manok na Niluto sa Gata. i think the best dish that we've ordered. and Ensaladang Talong is good too. though, yah i agree that they have quite small servings.

they have this simple but lovely interior. check out Jose Rizal and friends painted on the wall. lol

The bistek flakes there is yummy!

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