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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

March 04, 2006

Aling Lucing's Sisig -- Pampanga's Best finally in Makati :)

March 04, 2006

Aling Lucing's Sisig -- Pampanga's Best finally in Makati :)

WARNING: Sisig is not good for your health, eat at your own risks.
Aling Lucing - 3
Move over Aysee, Aling Lucing is conquering Makati! For several years, Aysee's Sisig in Pasig (near ultra) is the reigning branded sisig and this is a lunch/ dinner destination in itself when you are in the Pasig area. Aling Lucing's Sisig is the pride of Pampanga with its original location in the "riles" or located near the railroad in Angeles City (mental note: I'll blog about this original place one of these days :) Also, Aling Lucing is the Grand Slam Winner of the 3rd Sisig Festival in Angeles City held just last Dec. 2-3, 2005 besting 176 other contestants!! A lot to be proud about, and finally a franchise was opened outside the malls along Pasong Tamo in front of former Urban Bank (corner Buendia).

Sisig is a big part of the pinoy culture together with the Halo Halo and Balut, so this is a must try even for a vegetarian like me (I can't resist not to savor its taste :) I first heard about this from Spanx's review and this place just opened last Feb. 14, 2006. The sisig was tasty, yummy and you can taste that delicious secret sauce and ingredients that ordering the Sizzling Big Shot (P130) is a must! The sisig is definitely superb better than Gerry's or Aysee's I should say. Although the marketing material was well thought of, they should have attracted the after office inuman (drinking) crowd so they should offer San Miguel beer products.

Aling Lucing - 4
It is a turo-turo style and the sisig are served in sizzling plates. You should insist on sizzling plates serving because my vegetable dish order was served cold straight out of this open air counter. I learned that this was a Franchise only, first outside the mall, because they have branches in the SM Malls food courts. It would still worth it to visit the original in Angeles (if you are within the area), and based on Spanx's rave, it is authentic and faithful as it can be :)

Aling Lucing - 5
We ordered the Combo# 1, which is Sisig with Vegetable for only P69 (served with rice). For the same price, you could serve barbeque or hotdog instead of the vegetable side dish. There were a lot of fats still, but it was so tasty that you wouldn't mind eating it.

Aling Lucing - 2
Of course, to balance the meal we had to order grilled squid which is also good but we felt that the P130 price tag is not justifiable for this.

Aling Lucing - 1
As you can see, one of my gauge for a good food place is the type of cars parked outside :) I'm sure this would be an instant hit for the Makati crowd, I just wished that they carry San Miguel products. The other food available is not as appetizing as the sisig, so please give us more food options and give us enough reasons to go back for more :)

PASONG TAMO near the corner of BUENDIA
(right across the former Urban Bank Building)

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