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[Sinulog #3] The Sinulog's Grand Parade

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Originally, I thought that you could witness the entire parade in a few hours but I underestimated the sheer number of participants in the parade. A total of 93 participants broken down into Sinulog-based participants (3), Free Interpretation (9), Float (20), Higante (21) and Puppeteers (9). Although the number of participants is already reduced by 25% versus 124 participants in 2005, you would have to watch it the whole day just to see all the contestants. This reminds me of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Australia with its sheer number of participants, colorful and artful displays and shows.

The parade starts in P. del Rosario to Gen. Maxilom Ave. to Fuente Osmena circle then finally to the Ceby City Sports Center. You practically have to walk the entire time if you want to follow the parade. It is best to bring a cebu city map, and a camera. The parade kicks off at 9am and enters the Cebu City Sports Center starting at 1pm onwards. Every dances to the Sinulog which is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. The dance moves two steps forward and one step backward to the sound of the drums. The best view of the parade is to be IN the parade where you can take photos as close up as possible while the street dance are happening.

Sights & Sounds of the Grand Parade

Sinulog 2006 - 22
A dance with the Sto. Nino

Sinulog 2006 - 2
The Pinoy Big Brother Float

Sinulog 2006 - 11
The HP Sinulog Float

Sinulog 2006 - 41
Trumpeting the Sinulog Beat

Sinulog 2006 - 38
Street Dancing

Sinulog 2006 - 10
Tribe dancing to the Sinulog Beat

Sinulog 2006 - 46

Another Sinulog Tribe

Sinulog 2006 - 53

The parade ends with a performance in the grandstand.

Sinulog 2006 - 55

Higante Snow White and the Seven Dwarf

Sinulog 2006 - 47

The Cebu City Sports Complex Grand Stand



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....the missing a lot of things....not seeing this kind of fun filled colorful exciting historical cultural affairs made me much more of the philippines i did'nt see?....

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