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Viaje del Sol: Follow the sun to San Pablo and Tiaong Delights

Viaje del Sol

Now this is a new alternative to Tagaytay! It's also about time that we have a new alternative other than hidden valley in alaminos or Villa Escudero in San Pablo. There are alot of places to visit in San Pablo, Laguna and Tiaong Quezon. I'm glad that they decided to market the place together and not really compete with each other. Ugu and the daughter of Patis Tesoro along with others started to create a brochure and marketing for these destinations called Viaje del Sol. There is a trend now where artist are starting to venture in secret dining places which was started by Sonya's secret garden. I realized that the culinary tour is just a start for me to explore the wonderful places in Laguna/Quezon area.

My next target places are kinabuhayan cafe, Patio Verde and Carlito's workshop. There are alot of information in the brochure that I did not scan anymore. Let me know if you need more information or tips around this places. Email me at Till our next adventure :)



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Wow, you have the map! I was hoping they would give away maps (even softcopies) without requiring us to first visit at least one of the stops in Viaje Del Sol. Catch-22.

yeah, anyway I've visited most of them already so I'll be posting more in my blog in the next few days. So that people would know what to expect :) Check out the pics this week :)

Our office is planning to take the viaje del sol tour, what itinerary would you recommend since we what this to be a mixture of culinary trip, scenic tour and overnight stay perhaps at Casa San Pablo ? Breakfast at Kusina Salud, Coffee at Carlito's o, overnight at Casa San Pablo and lunch the next day at Ugu's? what do you think?

we will be opening our very own gallery-museum in santa rosa, laguna- namely ZAVALLA ANTIQUES.we hope we will get exposure in the internet through this.

Our office is planning to take the viaje del sol tour. Can you give us a qoutation for a trip ticket.

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