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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


38 posts from September 2005

September 30, 2005

My Singapore Adventures 1: Are you a Chili Crab or Pepper Crab lover?

Asia Band 3 College, Singapore ( September, 26-30, 2005 )

Singapore has been my second work home. All of my trips this year have been in Singapore and this week is no exception. We had a leadership training for all the senior managers in our company in the asia region. Whenever I travel, I bring my hobby with me: Photography, Badminton and Culinary Adventures.

clark quay-4

Night Photography. My first attempt at night photography of Clarke Quay, Singapore. I wished pasig river could be as beautiful as this. This place have always been a tourist winner ever since.

Jumbo Seafood Jumbo Seafood-2 Jumbo Seafood-4
Chili Crab or Pepper Crab? I've always craved about these singapore favorites that nobody can match in the Philippines resto. For some reason, ever the Palm Beach in the Fort or Singapura Rasa cannot even compare to these authentic dishes from Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. The JUMBO chili crab has always been a winner over the JUMBO pepper crab because of its rich yummy sauce with fried or steam buns! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're missing on one of the culinary adventures of your life.

I can't imagine that I've eaten in a Jumbo restaurant on two consecutive nights both in Clarke Quay. Their most famous restaurant is in East Coast -- most of the taxi drivers know this place. Recently, I learned that there are other recommended dishes that are sooo delicious in Jumbo. Don't forget to order Bamboo Clams with minced garlic and Crispy Baby Squid!! Equally Yummy!

clark quay-1badminton-2
Badminton. When visiting Singapore, I always make a point to play Badminton. Also, I always bring my badminton racket when I travel. It affects my game if I don't use my Armortek 800. There's a certain feel to it that I'm able to make excellent drop shots or control the flick of my wrist.

RC Airplane. On my way to Jumbo, I saw these Singaporeans flying RC plances that look like UFO sightings in the photo above. One day, I'll take up this hobby :)

asia band3 college-2
Official Photographer. The problem with having photography as your hobby is the fact that people will leverage your hobby during meetings and ask you to be THE official photographer. One of my difficulty is asking a group to do a fun shot aside from the normal formal shots. I'm happy that I was able to talk some sense into the team and inspire them to have this wacky pose. (I'm the middle person on the first row)

September 29, 2005

Yet Another La Salle - Ateneo PBA Games!

I thought, I've seen the last time time we beat Ateneo this year but here's one last chance :) hehehe

DLSU - Ateneo Dream Games set for 08 Dec

DLSAA invitesbasketball fans to the PBA La Salle –
Ateneo Dream Games (preliminary billing)on Thu, 08 Dec
05, at the Araneta Coliseum. Lasallian and Ateneo
hoop legendsfrom the past and present will meet in a
two-game event: The first willfeature seven former
NCAA players each from the 60s, 70s, and 80s and
thesecond will see eight active PBA and four current
UAAP players in each team.

In the first game,PASARELLE rules will be followed,
with the first, second, and third quartersallowing
only players of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, respectively.
The fourthquarter will be a free for all. Coaches for
the first game are yet to bedetermined.

For the night’s mainevent – the second game – amateur
rules will be followed and PBA coaches werechosen to
head the teams per request of the PBA Commissioner.
La Salle’s team will be coached by San Miguel’s Jong
Uichico and Ateneo’s, by Coca-Cola’sChot Reyes.
Coaches Franz Pumaren and Yeng Guiao were requested to
join the La Salle team’s coaching staff.

As of late, Uichicohas already indicated his eight PBA
players. Lasallians expected to join fromthe PBA side
are: Don Allado, Mac Mac Cardona, Mike Cortez, Mac
Cuan, JunLimport, Noli Locsin, Ren Ren Ritualo, and
Mark Telan. The line-up for UAAPplayer slots is still
to be decided.

The PBA La Salle – Ateneo Dream Games is co-sponsored
by LSGH Batch ’81, Ateneo Batch ’81, thePhilippine
Basketball Association, and Vintage Sports. The La
Sallians’primary beneficiary will be the De La Salle
Brothers – Philippine District’snewly established
Jaime Hilario School in Bagac, Bataan.

September 27, 2005

Writing Adventure @ The Writing Salon

After blogging 125 posts in 9 months (about one post every two days), I have this urge to improve my writing skills to appeal a lot better to the emotions of my readers. Blogging gets addicting, specially everytime you get messages from your readers on affirming how much they love some of the posts (so far, no hate comments yet :) One of my passions in life is I would like to be able to promote the beauty of the Philippines via photos and words -- I intend to improve on both.

This is my motivation and making sure that I don't pass up this chance to join The Writing Salon. Ever since it got moved from Boracay as a location to Manila, I immediately considered joining this. I was inspired to write creatively and hopefully I can write as beautifully as the past participants of the Salon in Aleenta. I intend to write poetically about the Philippines and my life, and the impressive lists of directors James Nave, and Allegra Huston would surely make it worthwhile. Not to mention, the controversial Carlos Celdran is also there as a guest faculty :)

Therefore I made a leap of faith to join The Writing Salon :)


starts Lunch on Friday, 7 October and ends on Sunday afternoon, 9 October 2005.

  • Puerta Real Gardens Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna Street), Intramuros
  • Miramar Hotel UN Ave., cor. Roxas Blvd., Ermita, Manila

The Semana Package: Php 13,500 - 2 nights stay at the Miramar Hotel, with breakfasts. Including lunch and all workshops. (check in Friday after lunch, check out Sunday morning)
The Juntos Package: Php 20,000 - the Semana package for 2 people sharing a room.
The Dia Package: Php 8,500 - Includes lunch and workshops for the three days (Breakfast and accommodations not included)
The Solo Package: Php 3,500 – includes lunch and workshops for one day of your choice.

info@thewritingsalon.net or celdrantours@hotmail.com
Call or sms 0926 259 750 or 0906 304 9598

Checkout here ---> Final Salon Schedule

September 26, 2005

Sunday Brunch Bday Celebration @ Lumiere

Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere-16

Best Sunday Brunch in Town!

I've always wanted to eat at Lumiere and I'm glad that I got a tip from whipsmart that they actually serve the best Sunday brunch in town! My office is just in Ayala 6750 but not a lot of people knows about Lumiere. It is a best kept secret and it should stay that way because it only can accomodate a few people. It was a perfect b-day celebration for Momsy who is celebrating her 64th bday last Sunday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMSY!!) I'll be sharing with you our awesome Sunday brunch experience @ Lumiere.

Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere-3 Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere-6 Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere-21 Traveling Scapular-5

Excellent Bistro Ambiance. The place was small but what strike us the most is the ambiance of a homy feel to it. On Sundays, it's like the expat community and only people in the know eat brunch here. I'm glad that we are able to catch a seat by making a last minute reservations. It also feels that most of the people know each other and we even saw Nina Tesoro owner of Kusina Salud eating brunch last Sunday.

Art is in the Air. It was able to convincingly integrate Art into the dining experience. Last Sunday, we were still able to catch the Scapular Nomad Gallery. A five-year long performance art gallery. A gallery worn daily by Judy Freya Sibayan, Curator, Performance Artist. I took pictures of the scapular here. On some months, there are actually photograph exhibits in this small quaint french bistro where you can appreciate them or buy them :)

Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere-10 Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere-14 Sunday Brunch @ Lumiere-15

Eat-all-you-can Fresh Green Salad and Potatoes. This is the first time that I've seen a restaurant offering this as part of the entire meal. It says on the menu above: "Generous Servings of Salad, Pomme Sautes, and Grilled Tomatoes". On Sunday Brunch, Lumiere only serve set menus and most of them taste great :) The only complaint that my mom had was it was too much cholesterol in one meal because of the eggs :)

Brunch Meal + Drink + Dessert + Coffee/Tea. You have to choose among 6 types of brunch menu. Among the choices, we loved the Egg Benedict, Baked Eggs with Foie Gras and Biscuit, and Steaks and Eggs (Yummy!). For the drink, Mimosa is a must try which is orange juice with Champagne. The brewed coffee and tea is a perfect way to end the meal. The dessert was not a winner although, they created a small cake for my mom and it was really good that it was immediately wipe out :) All for P650/meal (net)!

- Lumiere is located along Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue near the British embassy besides the PLDT building. It is soo small that people missed this secret place.
- Sundays serves Brunch. Tues-Saturday serves Ala Carte menu.
- Reserve @ 812-2976 because the place gets jampacked.
- More Lumiere photos here.

Restos Within Makati Area:

Som's Noodle House - cheap authentic version of SukhoThai

Amici de Don Bosco -- Home-Cooked Italian Food that you'll love!

Sango -- The Japanese Burger Master!

Kublai's Rock is Back!

September 25, 2005

Awesome Green Archers Beating Ateneo 5-0 This Season!

Beat Ateneo, Animo La Salle!!

Yes, 2005 is the year that Ateneo wouldn't want to remember. We beat them in the Legends Game, All Stars Game, two (2) UAAP Regular Games, and today's semi-finals with 74-57 (17 points)! I can't believe it that we swept all the games with Ateneo this year (I'm glad I watched all of them in Araneta except for the first UAAP regular game). Oh how sweet it is to savor the semi-finals win and to read the greenarcher.net victory threads, and the atenista.net's sour graping threads and thank you threads.

But, we Lasallians have a lot to thank you for our archrival Ateneo in today's game:
-- Thank you Ateneans for putting a great fight and you make our winning a lot sweeter!
-- Thank you to LA for really showing his true blue spirit and he is the only one who had the guts and spirit to fight the entire green archer squad. It is soooo sad that he would end his UAAP career with a cramps as Yeo shot a three points in his face.
-- Thank you to the blue eagles for achieving your first lead at half-time this season at 22-25 with 15 points contributed by LA. We were scared for that moment.
-- Thank you to the blue babble pep squad for a great half time show that is a lot better than ours (in my opinion) except for the errors the band made.
-- Thank you to the Ateneo Crowd and Gordon for cheering your hearts out despite the odds. I know how it feels to lose and it is OK to cry. I also felt this once, when Ateneo beat La Salle two years ago during the championship.

-- You make us all proud in showing Ateneo that they can NEVER EVER beat us!
-- Thank you to Franz, for showing his coaching mentor, Norman Black that this is not the PBA and La Salle-Ateneo games are games about basketball spirit and alma matter pride.
-- Thank you to king archer, Joseph Yeo, for showing us how great you really are in slashing, and attacking the ring for a magical basket. We would never ever forget the allehoop you assisted to Rico for a reverse dunk. You can never imagine the joy that you bring to the entire LaSalle Gallery with that play.
-- Thank you to the La Salle Pep Squad for a funny half time show. Ateneans will never forget the Ryan Jig moves you did in front of the Ateneo gallery.
-- To the players, thank you for all the great plays and for showing composure in the 2nd half. We know that the lead in the 1st half of Ateneo will be their last -- we never doubted for a second.
-- Can you give us the photo "shot" taken by Aquino at the half court in the dying minutes? Thanks for having fun and for sure Ateneans will loathe it forever.

ANIMO LASALLE!! We will have one year to savor a 5-0 beating of our archrival, ateneo!

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